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US Authorities Want to Bring Sam Bankman-Fried to the Country for Questioning


US authorities want to bring Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of bankrupt FTX, to the country for questioning.
According to sources familiar with the matter, US and Bahamian officials are discussing the possibility of Sam Bankman-Fried being brought to the US for questioning.

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U.S. Officials Want to Question SBF

The authorities of the two countries have targeted the SBF following the collapse of the FTX. The SBF had said it was cooperating with Bahamian authorities.

SBF and his lawyer have not commented on the matter. Similarly, a representative of the US Department of Justice in Washington declined to comment.
Following the collapse of the FTX, both U.S. and Bahamian authorities launched investigations into the matter. SBF has repeatedly apologized to FTX customers via Twitter.

The SBF expressed that it was shocked that things were going this way, and after fully understanding the situation, it wanted to share more details about the matter.

SBF finally said that as of November 7, FTX US had enough money to cover customers’ funds. As you may recall, SBF said that the FTX collapse had nothing to do with FTX US, and that the funds of customers in the US were safe. The inclusion of FTX US in the bankruptcy filing had caused the reactions to the SBF to increase exponentially.

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