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This is a Clear Bullish Signal For Crypto Coins!


the losses experienced by the year 2022 are known to all crypto currency investors and it is expected that the steady decline will end now. It seems that the bad days will never go away, but if you have experienced several bear seasons and are experienced in this field, you should know the result. If the crypto money markets are to continue the cycle that they have been continuing for years, Bitcoin should reach a new ATH level for the next few years at the latest.

Crypto Currency Bull Signal

The analytical company IntoTheBlock, which conducts market research and analysis, drew attention to an important detail. Referring to the fact that the number of daily active addresses is an important data for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, the company focuses on the details here. IntoTheBlock says that the number of daily active addresses for both Bitcoin and Ethereum has fallen after rising above $60,000 for the first time in May 2021. The analysis firm now says that the number of active addresses for BTC and ETH has stabilized, which indicates that more people are using Bitcoin today than in the previous period of preparation for the bull run.

“For Ethereum and Bitcoin, there was a clear decline in daily addresses after the (high) prices in May 2021. Active addresses stabilized quickly and have been at consistent levels ever since. Marching December 1, 2022, we see an increase of about 36% in active addresses for Ethereum (327,000 addresses on March 8, 2020 versus 514,000 addresses on December 1). Marched December 1, 2022, with an increase of about 20.6% in active addresses (826,000 on March 9, 2022, compared to 1.04 million on December 2022), Bitcoin made more modest gains.”

Will Crypto Coins Rise?

The increase in daily active addresses indicates that crypto currencies continue to be steadily adopted on a global scale. The fact that more investors enter the market also tells us about the size of the next bull market. We can also call it exponential growth. The analysis firm also points out that the stability in the number of active addresses for BTC and ETH has been achieved despite the negative conditions in the macro-economy.

“The increases in new active addresses since the all-time high prices in November 2021 are promising. Despite the chaos in the markets in 2022, the number of active users remained relatively stable last year. This may indicate that we are at the bottom or near the bottom of the market cycle for active addresses. With the exception of one black swan event, we seem to have found a level that resembles the bottom for active addresses.”

Bitcoin is over $ 17,000 at the time of writing.

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