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There is an Important Message to Investors from the Famous Family Who Lost $ 1 Million in Bitcoin


the bitcoin family, which did not fall off the agenda with the purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) by selling all their assets in 2017, has long been the focus of the crypto currency sector.

The Bitcoin Family Has Moved All Their Coins to DEXs!

The Taihuttu family, known as the ”Bitcoin Family”, made headlines at one moment with their profitable business, a 2500-square-meter mansion, their children’s toys, in short, by selling all their assets and investing in Bitcoin. The value of BTC was $900 at that time. since 2017, the family, leading a nomadic lifestyle, has traveled to 40 countries. The family had also visited Turkey. The Dutch family, who have been traveling all over the world for the last six years, decided to settle in Portugal, which imposed zero taxes on Bitcoin in Europe last year. There is no tax paid for cryptocurrencies in Portugal.

The father had described Portugal as a ”Bitcoin paradise”. The family has now moved to Thailand to enjoy the tropical climate. However, due to the recent crisis in the market, the family has lost more than $ 1 million. Taihuttu, on the other hand, stressed that he was not worried about the volatility in the market and that things would get better in the long run. Taihuttus stated that he does not have coins or investments in FTX, Celsius, Voyager Digital or other platforms that have recently sunk.

The investor, who drew attention to an important saying in the crypto money sector, recalled the message “If you don’t have the keys, your Bitcoins are not yours”. The entrepreneur stressed that legal ownership and private keys are important. SushiSwap merkeziyetsiz like Uniswap and exchanges (DEX) transactions occurred directly between traders, intermediaries such as banks and brokers that completely eliminate peer-to-peer platforms. This means that users retain coin oversight by never handing over their private keys. The Bitcoin Family has moved their Bitcoins worth more than $ 1 million to decentralized exchanges, the company said.

The Family Will Invest in DEXs

According to Taihhuttus, if DEX crashes, it doesn’t matter, because Bitcoin is always in your own wallet. Taihuttu said that he could understand from the very beginning that something had gone “really wrong” with FTX, despite the fact that it was the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world before the bankruptcy in November. Taihuttu, who lost 4 Bitcoin due to the hacking of a central exchange known as Cryptopia in 2017, has since expressed caution.

The family refused to say how much money they keep in cryptocurrencies, but stated that they invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polkadot and some other altcoins. The family announced that they were moving all their coins from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges. Taihuttu said that he ultimately wants to move 100% of the family’s crypto accumulation to DEXs and invest 15% of his net worth in newly established DEXs, as he sees these decentralized platforms as the most important part of the next bull run.

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