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The World-Famous Quantitative Analyst Made the Expected Call For Bitcoin! He Also Gave a Date!


The world-famous anonymous quantitative analyst PlanB spoke ambitiously, doubling his price expectation in a major rally that he predicted for the largest crypto currency Bitcoin (BTC). The analyst said that BTC could rise over 5 thousand 800 percent at current prices.

December from 100 Thousand Dollars to 1 Million Dollars in BTC

In a new interview with cryptocurrency analyst Scott Melker, quantitative analyst PlanB claimed that Bitcoin could rise over 5,800 percent based on the well-known Bitcoin Stock Flow Model (S2F). The S2F model predicts the value changes of an asset by comparing its current price with the extraction rate of its supply. The supply of Bitcoin will contract with the next halving event planned in 2024, in other words, halving.

The analyst, his assessment of the “old model, i.e., assuming the model is true to the original 2019 55 thousand dollars of foresight, the next yarilanma with prices in one place (and a very wide December I’m doing it, but some people don’t like that) 100 thousand to $ 1 million may be somewhere in between.” said.

PlanB added that he is confident in his prediction unless his model is proven invalid or “Bitcoin is dead”, adding, “I have no doubt that we will go to the December of 100 thousand dollars to 1 million dollars, and no matter where you look, if you believe this, the current price is exactly bargain. So yes, I am very optimistic.” he used his statements.

On That Date, the End of the Bear Market Will Come

Bitcoin, the largest crypto currency in terms of market value, is being bought and sold at 18 thousand 820 dollars at the time of preparation of this article. The rise of Bitcoin price to 100 thousand dollars pointed out by the analyst means that it will gain 494 percent with the current values, and reaching 1 million dollars means that it will gain 5 thousand 840 percent.

PlanB had previously predicted that BTC would hit the bottom in the next three months, noting that the bottom came after 18 months in a bear market that usually begins after the price reaches an all-time high (ATH). Considering that Bitcoin made ATH by approaching 69 thousand dollars on November 10, it can be said that the bear market has entered the 13th month at the moment. April May 2023. This means that there are at least 4-5 more months ahead of the start of the new bull market, the expected upswing will not begin before April-May of 2023.

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