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The Ship Has Started to Take on Water in This Altcoin! Is the Second Terra Crisis Coming?


While the crypto money sector is going through a period of crises, investors are cautious about the market due to the possibility of new disasters

USD Is Sounding the Alarm Again!

The depreciation of stablecoins, which should be fixed at $ 1 under normal conditions, continues to cause concern in the market. While the collapse of TerraUSD and LUNA caused billions of dollars to evaporate, the domino effect caused by the crisis is still ongoing. According to the current data, the USDN also lost this $ 1 fixed price feature today and fell to $0.86. USD is actually a stablecoin that depreciates from time to time. USDN is currently trading at $0.86. Neutrino USD (USDN) is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and supported by WAVES.

September May 19, April 5, 12, and the price of USDN previously lost its stability to the dollar 1, according to Coinmarketcap data. USDN began to lose momentum due to problems with its collateral. Neutrino USD (USDN) official Twitter account has not yet made an official announcement about the issue.

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