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The Giant NFT Platform Opensea Challenges the Market! Look What’s Changing!


Opensea, which is shown as the largest NFT market by the world crypto authorities, seems to have moved away from its glory period that took place last year. The pause period since the beginning of the year and the subsequent market volume decline had left the company in a difficult situation.

After all this, the company made some decisions and decided to make a serious reduction in the number of personnel and shared this with its employees. Despite all the negativities experienced, on-site development activities continue at full speed.

The Update Information Came Last Week

While many events are taking place on the Opensea side, a new announcement was made via Twitter last week. This announcement was of a nature to excite all NFT lovers. The next wave of NFT use cases is coming, the company said in a tweet that it is preparing for this.

Accordingly, the company stressed that it will open many new categories to use, and it was announced that creators will be able to set new categories and tags for their collections accordingly. When we look at the mentioned categories, it is stated that these will be games, memberships, PFPS, sports collections.

The Update Has Received Attention

It seems that the company aims to improve user experiences with this move. All these experience improvements can ensure that users get to the right menus and, as a result, make purchases easier. Today, Opensea shared information about the update with a statement made on Twitter.

We announced new categories and tags last week, and since then, creators have set tags on more than 7000 of their projects. Monday December 12th we are excited to start showcasing these categories and labels on the collections and item pages.

As you can see above, categories and tags will be highlighted at several different points on the collection and item pages to inform collectors.
These are just the first of many big changes we will be making to our site, and we are excited about what these features will reveal.

It seems that it will become clearer after December 12th how these developments will provide returns to the company. While the entire crypto currency world is going to shrink and sensational news is coming one after another, the fact that Opensea is developing itself with such innovations against its competitors can be considered a positive development on behalf of the company. Whether these changes can mobilize the NFT world will be revealed in the future.

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