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The Event That Confused Twitter! Binance Has Made a Statement!


The official Twitter account of Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, has become the subject of the agenda by denying the allegations made to a user on the platform about the closure of his account.

Event Details from Binance!

A popular investor known as CoinMamba in the crypto money markets suggested that the exchange suspended his account after his statements on Twitter that his account had been emptied and demanded the return of his funds. The official Twitter account of the crypto currency exchange, which is the target of the allegations, responded to the user and clarified the allegations and clarified the issue. The statement containing the claims of the Twitter user against Binance is as follows:

Yes, @cz_ binance just closed my Binance account because of my tweets. I don’t know what to say. This is unacceptable and I’m sure many of you will agree with me on this…

Binance, which took action on the sharing, denied the allegations in response to the user’s tweet and shared a screenshot of the user’s conversations with Binance officials to clarify the issue and included the following statements in its statements:

You seem confused about the reason why your account has been put into withdrawal-only mode. As the Binance team, you investigated your situation and came to an opinion about whether you were the victim of a crime and then you were referred to law enforcement agencies with the report created. However, you refused to do so and instead decided to make threats to our authorities.

Binance Recommendation

However, Binance stated that the investor cannot remain a spectator to the threats against its officials and that they will not hesitate to apply the necessary sanctions against this situation, and said the following about the issue in its statement:

We understand that the position you are in is stressful for you and we are trying to help you. However, we will not stand by and watch you verbally abuse and threaten our team. You have been given many warnings in order to address your grievance and you have not followed our advice.

After the Binance statements, the user emphasized that the proposals of the authorities were not satisfactory in order to save the situation and said the following in response to the exchange:

Stop lying. 20 people Decamped together and told me to contact law enforcement. You don’t need 20 people for that.

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