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Should You Buy Solana? It’s 78% Down


This 12 months has been brutal for Solana (CRYPTO: SOL), down seventy eight% year to date, and the cryptocurrency enterprise as an entire. But despite the carnage, crypto tasks preserve to construct and improve their ecosystems, setting them up for a probable rebound whilst market situations improve.

Let’s explore the professionals and cons of SOL to peer whether or not it deserves a closer look.

What is Solana?

Solana is a blockchain platform designed to host decentralized packages (dApps) — self sustaining applications that use smart contracts to provide services on the community. It is among several blockchains referred to as potential “Ethereum killers” because of their superior speeds and scalability in comparison to Ethereum, the cutting-edge marketplace chief in these services.

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With an anticipated transaction ability of 50,000 in keeping with 2d, SOL’s speed leaves Ethereum (which can simplest handle 15 in keeping with 2nd) in the dirt. It additionally boasts a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, where miners use current cash to validate transactions and mint new ones. This device is greater efficient than Ethereum’s electricity-extensive proof-of-paintings mechanism, wherein miners need to clear up computational puzzles to hold the blockchain running.

But with Ethereum planning to transition to PoS this 12 months (an update called “The Merge”), SOL can’t rest on its laurels.

The platform’s developers are operating on new boom drivers together with fintech. In February, they launched Solana Pay, a blockchain-primarily based payments solution designed to permit users to buy goods and services the usage of Solana’s local token and — perhaps greater importantly — stablecoins pegged to actual-international currencies like the U.S. Dollar. While crypto bills are nothing new, SOL’s industry-leading velocity will assist make its product stick out from the opposition.

Network reliability has been a big challenge

Despite its many tailwinds, SOL isn’t with out its flaws. The platform has long suffered from reliability problems, which can be beginning to tarnish its popularity. Online crypto newspaper Cointelegraph.Com reports that Solana has already suffered five major outages in 2022, that can help explain its widespread decline in valuation this year.

The maximum latest crash passed off in advance this month and concerned the network turning into not able to reach a consensus to confirm new transactions for numerous hours. But Solana’s developer, Solana Labs, is operating tough to repair those demanding situations. Solana reports that developers have recognized and glued the trouble by way of disabling the characteristic that brought about the community to halt. While it’s far not possible to understand whether or not the trouble is solved for excellent, investors can relaxation less complicated understanding Solana has an active development group working to remedy issues that can arise at the community.

I still believe in Solana

With cryptocurrency in a endure market, it’s far understandable that many investors might want to attend some months for the dirt to settle earlier than shopping for anything. That said, Solana looks like a splendid way to guess on a crypto rebound due to its industry-leading technical talents. And while community reliability is a big problem, the platform’s lively improvement group should assist it flow beyond those developing pains over the long term.

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