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OrbCity Official Transition Date


Orbcity becomes the next industry player to announce its move to Polygon in the coming days. According to the estimated schedule, Orbcity should complete the migration by the first quarter of next year. Users will be able to purchase their second virtual home regardless of their geographic location.

The move also includes $LAY, $ORB, and Land NFT, among others. Another details associated with moving and instructions are expected. Ormyity says it will describe more information. Orbcity made this announcement through its Twitter account, where followers expressed their satisfaction with the decision to move to Polygon.

In the month and Polygon, said one of the followers, while another called Orbcity the best project in Asia. Orbcity is based in Korea to specialize in the Web3 area as a metaverse platform. It works with the goal of empowering creators and users as part of an economy that connects artists and communities to create a metaverse and earn handsome rewards. The vision is to democratize public access to finance in the metaverse.

The activities that can be done in Orbcity include trading of non-fungible tokens, participating in opportunity offers, reporting and reporting to name a few. Simply put, Orbcity is a virtual world where players can engage in a variety of activities.

The company supports investors such as Animoca Brands, Kucoin, Zepeto and GBV Capital. Others include kynx vensions, a & t points in Trinito, say some.

There are nearly thousands of mans firmly defeated Regany. Areas will be destroyed by releasing 1,000 KLAY. An announcement is expected in mid-December. Each zone is an NFT that can be upgraded at any time to generate LAY007 per month.

As for the symbols that run the economy – LAY and ORB – they have a market value of $ 510,487 and $ 3,671,550, respectively. TVL is currently at $869,313 with a fire rate of 26,139 for LAY and 6,637,234 for ORB.

It’s clear that Polygon is attracting a lot of work to its network. Built on Ethereum, the network spans the entire world with the main goal of being sustainable in every way possible. It is also on track to be carbon neutral by the end of 2022 while maintaining strong infrastructure for Web3 development. Developers can leverage the power of Polygon to build embedded applications at the lowest cost without worrying about security.

Polygon found more than 1.8 billion and $140 million in average gas savings per day. More than 135 million unique users are in the network that benefit from Polygon.

The migration from Orbcity to Polygon is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2023. More details about the move will be shared soon.

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