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The Metaverse is understood to be a graphically rich virtual space where people can work, interact, play and shop. They want to make sure that the things people do in real life together, can now be accessible on the internet too. Parody Coin and Decentraland news…

For people who are already well integrated into the metaverse, it serves as a social space where they can compete and interact with different gamers simultaneously. It has been nicknamed the worldwide gaming room, designated for millions of gamers. 

With the metaverse being a digital avatar-based universe, with the concept of gaming, you can play to earn money. The metaverse already exists in the digital worlds of Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite.


Parody coin is an ecosystem on the BNB Smart Chain that supports minting, trading, and interacting with NFTs. Multiple opportunities are given to you when you participate in the interactive Paroverse, this is all part of the concept of the passive income system which results in you having more control. 

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The NFT realm is currently going through exponential growth since its birth, as a lot more people desire to have some form of ownership over a non-fungible token. This is not only due to market capitalization but also due to the different varieties of digital assets it has to offer, according to experts and enthusiasts the NFT industry has predicted to surpass its 80 billion dollar market capitalization by 2025. 

The earlier days of NFT were mainly meme-like images, videos, and GIFs; new forms and variations of these digital assets are being minted as NFTs on many different blockchains. I guess we can say NFTs are advancing in the virtual world as they want to represent and create real-world collectibles, gaming assets, and metaverses. This is why PARO wants the NFT market to be accessible to all its users who are interested in it. 


Decentraland is the first fully decentralised virtual world. They also advocate handing over the control to its users too, because it is the users who create and play in the virtual space. MANA is aspiring to set up a virtual space that can be fully governed by its members. So, in a nutshell, the platform is run by a blockchain that warrants the development of augmented reality lands where members can buy, sell, and even rent pieces of land that can be stored as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Through the decentralised autonomous organisation, you can control so many different factors of your virtual world. One of the things that are in your control is the policies created to determine how your world behaves, for example, what clothes your virtual character can wear or the clothes they aren’t allowed to wear. 

To conclude

Since the emergence of NFT gaming, the industry has been growing very fast. Now more than ever gamers are finding purpose in their favourite hobby. Sales of non-fungible tokens continue to rise and have hit their all-time high, in the year 2020 sales went from under 100 million dollars to having a big spike in 2021 where they sold up to 25 billion dollars. 


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