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3 Cryptos with the Best ROI potential: Mehracki (MKI), Ripple (XRP), and Solana (SOL)


Cryptocurrency investments are often profitable in the long term, but it is difficult for an amateur investor to find the right tokens to invest in. It can take hours to go through numerous cryptocurrencies available in the market. Finding the best assets for multi-bagger gains is a tough task because the market is very volatile. However, if you do proper research, you can find the assets that have the most potential to provide fruitful returns on investment.

It is a time-consuming process to assess how useful top-rated cryptos are. You need to analyse the future potential and risks associated with the chosen assets. We have shortlisted a selection of cryptocurrency tokens that could potentially generate huge profits in the long term – Mehracki (MKI), Ripple (XRP), and Solana (SOL). Continue reading to find out why these three cryptocurrency assets have huge growth potential.

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Mehracki (MKI): First Meme Coin for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries

Mehracki (MKI) is a blockchain-based meme coin. It focuses on generating more profit for investors while supporting feel-good moments and travel activities for users across the globe. Creators decided to introduce something new to the industry to make crypto investment more exciting. The MKI Token was developed to provide an easy-to-use cryptocurrency payment solution for the travel sector. 

Users will find this new asset attractive because it will help in processing fast, affordable, and borderless transactions. It mainly targets the tourism and hospitality industries to promote a sense of community and better travel experiences. 

Investors will use the MKI token to make transactions and business owners will be able to run loyalty programs. It will also deliver the latest data on consumer behaviour so that business owners will be able to improve services to draw more consumers.  

Mehracki is going to develop an entire ecosystem. It will include feel-good NFTs, utility tokens, staking, and yield farming. The community will be governed through a DAO and the platform will help travellers to discover the best tourist and hospitality businesses. 

The MKI Token will provide high APYs of 15% for a minimum staking period of 30 days. 

Mehracki will likely appeal to tourism industry merchants because they can use it to bypass costly payment processors. It will eliminate third-party intermediaries, currency conversion fees, and commissions. Both tourists and service providers can gain better services and profits by using this token. 

The MKI token has the potential to introduce cheaper and fast transactions for the tourism and hospitality services without affecting the profits businesses depend upon. It combines the power of meme communities with a strong use case and could potentially moon in the future. It is currently available on presale.

Ripple could soon replace Swift 

The Ripple network has established a global currency exchange network for faster payment settlements. It acts as a reliable agent between two parties involved in a transaction. Users can utilise the XRP Token powered transactions to exchange cryptocurrencies and various fiat currencies quickly. Ripple charges a nominal 0.00001 XRP fee on a successful transaction. That’s much less than what traditional platforms charge for cross-border transactions. 

Every user needs the XRP token to use the services offered by Ripple. It is the native cryptocurrency that thousands of Ripple users need to use the global network this company provides. You can buy the XRP Token for a long-term investment horizon. As the Ripple network gets integrated with payment solution providers across the world, it could soon replace the older and expensive Swift mechanism that is currently used by most financial institutions. 

Solana expands into the European market

Solana (SOL) has emerged as a fast, scalable, and secure blockchain network. It has over 1,100 validators across the globe and the block time is below 1000 microseconds. The Solana blockchain can process up to 710,000 transactions per second. It assures high availability and optimal throughput. It supports faster execution, a huge distributed ledger, and better transaction flow. The SOL Token is used to process transactions inside the Solana ecosystem. The platform is currently exploring expansion into the European market and is providing workshops in various cities to interact directly with Solana developers. The SOL token could potentially generate high profits in the future as the network expands into new markets. 

Learn more about the Mehracki Token:

Join Presale: presale.mehracki.io/register

Website: mehracki.io

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