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Two Cryptocurrencies Making the World a Better Place: Solana (SOL) and RoboApe (RBA) 


Many crypto projects have been seen working tirelessly towards a huge range of charitable causes, from mental health to encouraging eco-conscious behaviour. RBA and SOL news…

For some, this means forming their own charities and foundations within the company to tackle serious issues, while for others this means collaborating with a pre-existing charity to raise money and awareness towards their causes. 

But What Benefits Does Charity via Cryptocurrency Have?

Charity work via cryptocurrency has many benefits, which are not always available to fiat donations and charity projects. While there are many to speak about, these are just two. 

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Consider a scenario. 

A transgender person begins a charity donation page to fund their medical transition- a process rarely covered by healthcare plans, and often costing thousands. A person in a transphobic environment who donates to this cause has a chance of being put in danger, with their real-world identity connected to a cause that those around them may not approve of. 

The blockchain allows for anonymity in donations, giving users complete freedom in what they do with their tokens and the donations they make. This allows the charity to be performed without fear of repercussions- something necessary in a world where politics is more polarised than ever. 

Future Success

The value of cryptocurrency tokens is something that routinely shifts. In the past month alone, the price of Ethereum (ETH) has shifted by nearly $1000, and this shifting in value is something very unlikely to stop anytime soon.

This means that a donation made via cryptocurrency can increase in value, creating even more revenue. A $100 donation to a cause could go up to be worth $120 in a month, providing more for the charity and its cause. 

And while it is true that a currency’s value can also decrease, a charity with a good crypto team is certain to be able to utilise this form of donation to its fullest. 

In Conclusion

Therefore, when it comes to charitable work, the blockchain seems to be the future. These are just two projects taking this message to heart, striving to use their technology to make the world a better place in different ways. 

The Solana Foundation Saves the Planet

The Solana Foundation is the in-house organisation made by Solana (SOL) to track their energy usage, as they strive to keep their energy usage low and promote eco-conscious crypto- a hugely important cause as the effects of climate change become ever more present. 

Cryptocurrency has come under fire for its use of electricity, with some currencies and blockchains using huge amounts of energy for activities like transactions- an activity participated in hundreds of thousands of times across a variety of blockchains. 

For example, a single Solana (SOL) transaction uses roughly 2,700 joules of energy; roughly the same amount of energy used to run an LED light bulb for 4-5 minutes. In contrast, a single Ethereum (ETH) transaction uses roughly 777 million joules of energy, with a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction using nearly 10 times this. 

It is no surprise, therefore, that Solana (SOL) is being held as a paradigm of cryptos, leading by example on what an eco-conscious blockchain can be. Their work to minimise their carbon footprint is inspiring, and one being eagerly followed by others. 

RoboApe (RBA) Puts People First 

A new cryptocurrency entering the scene, RoboApe (RBA) has made its commitment to charity loud and clear, with their lite paper declaring that they ‘will work for the betterment of society worldwide’.

RoboApe (RBA) believes in making the world a better place, through contributions to charity and charitable causes. They intend to do this by integrating charity work directly into the fabric of their platform, which has been designed to host and encourage growth in their community. 

For example, one of RoboApes’s (RBA) most exciting features is its eSports compatibility, being able to host competitions as well as their own Play-To-Earn games. This feature is designed to create the potential for community members to earn and make it big, but also has the added benefit of being the perfect tool for charity events. 

Charity matches entered by guilds and individual players can be used as a way to generate income for charity, with those participating being able to give their winnings to charities of their choosing. 

RoboApe (RBA) also plans to host a variety of charity events, such as charity collaborations and live events, where causes can be discussed. RoboApe (RBA) specify the importance of this, as their platform can give causes a voice, with an engaged community willing to listen.

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There is an explicit understanding of the importance of giving causes a platform when you have the power to do so, with RoboApe (RBA) demonstrating this clearly. They know their platform can be used to make a change, and so are actively working to give charities a chance to voice the changes they need made. 

When you are in a position of power, there is a duty to use that power positively. It is clear that RoboApe (RBA) is doing just that. 

More information on RoboApe (RBA): 

Presale: https://ape.roboape.io/register

Website: http://roboape.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/ROBOAPE_OFFICIAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ROBOAPE_TOKEN

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roboapetoken

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