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Last Minute: Altcoin Rising with Coca-Cola Deal!


Cryptocurrency markets got off to a good weekly start today, with altcoins seeing gains exceeding 5 percent. However, this altcoin rose to $ 0.072 with the recently announced Coca-Cola deal. So why which altcoin signed with Coca-Cola?

Why Is the CRO Token Rising?

Coca-Cola is releasing a series of FIFA World Cup NFTs based on heatmaps of the games played. The NFTs will be developed by digital artist GMUNK, who has previously worked with Nike, DoorDash and musician Grimes, and will be available on the Cryptocom NFT platform. The collection will consist of 10,000 different NFTs. The NFTs, inspired by heatmaps showing players’ in-game movements during FIFA World Cup matches, will be available only to Cryptocom users.

This is the latest big corporate move to capitalize on World Cup fever through web3. One of the sports prediction platforms that was recently built on the blockchain had switched to the Solana network. Binance, on the other hand, has added football legend Cristiano Ronaldo with its NFT collection. Ronaldo’s NFT collection published on Binance provides many advantages, including personal private messages. Budweiser has also moved to launch an NFT collection with live leaderboards for the tournament.

With the news, the CRO Token, the token of the Cryptocom exchange, experienced a double-digit rise today.

Crypto, Sports and NFT

There are many product groups that crypto currencies offer for team fans. At the beginning of these are fan tokens and NFT collections. NFT collections are very reminiscent of the digital version of card collections that have existed in the world as a multi-billion dollar Sunday for many years.

There is no serious interest from fans yet in these digital collections, which are unique, easily portable and feature rarity. But when we look at the volume of fan products in the world, we see that people significantly support their teams and celebrities they are fans of by buying various products. It is possible that NFT and crypto tokens will be more accepted in this respect.

On the other hand, we need to know that NFTs and collections also provide a serious income stream to people or institutions that issue fan tokens. Many clubs have not yet been able to fully market the NFT collection and fan tokens they have issued to their fans. When the growth potential of this regular revenue stream is also realized by the teams, we can see a larger ecosystem.

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