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How Does BoostX Stand Out From Other Crypto Launchpads Like Qube Launchpad and Polkastarter?


The launchpad sector in the crypto market is growing as more users are turning to launchpads every day. This is because of the ease and convenience they bring when it comes to searching for a new project to invest in. Boostx news..

Doing the basic research for us, checking each project’s potential to succeed, quality, safety, and reliability, the only thing left for users to do is choose a project that is of interest to them.

This saves a lot of time researching and ensuring funds and investments are safe and secure. Due to this, there are more and more launchpads entering the market. Whilst some launchpads like Qube Launchpad and Polkastarter focus on a specific crypto niche such as DeFi (Decentralised Finance), others like BoostX are more diverse and provide a range of projects. 

Polkastarter Is A Leader In The Launchpad Market 

Known as a decentralised protocol for startup crypto projects, Polkastarter is one of the most popular launchpads in the market. Having supported 109 new projects with almost $50 million in capital raised, there is no surprise as to why new projects choose to be launched on Polkastarter. 

Polkastarter has over 35,000 users, but why is a basic DeFi launchpad so popular? This is because it focuses on helping the best, decentralised projects built on various blockchains, so any users who are looking for good, new DeFi projects, can find a range of them on this launchpad. Additionally, Polkastarter also has informative features to help educate users on getting started in the decentralised space. 

How Does Qube Launchpad Differ?

Qube Launchpad is another decentralised launchpad that aims to be completely transparent for both, new projects and their investors. The way this is done is by ensuring its entire ecosystem is governed by the community.

By putting its community of users first, Qube Launchpad is attractive to users. For example, if some users lack knowledge or experience, Qube Launchpad ensures to provide support to help each individual. With various tools available on its website, users can learn more about investing in new projects, whilst feeling like a part of the community.

How Does BoostX Stand Out? 

BoostX is very different from both Polkastarter and Qube Launchpad. Rather than focusing on a specific sector such as DeFi and the community, BoostX focuses on providing a wide range of features for projects and users. This enables BoostX to be one of the most diverse launchpads in the market, helping users find unique projects.

One way BoostX does this is by having a dynamic dashboard. This means that project creators are given a list of options for them to customise their presale, making it different from other projects promoted on the launchpad. Some of the options include dynamic pricing, static pricing, rewards, bonuses, and more. This is great for investors as they can go through the list of projects and pick whichever ones suit their liking. 

Additionally, BoostX is a multi-chain launchpad which means it supports projects built on the Solana, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Terra, and Polygon blockchain, creating another layer of diversity. 

Which Launchpad Is The Best For You?

If you are looking for a crypto project that is DeFi-specific and heavily community-based, Polkastarter and Qube Launchpad are great ones to use as they provide their users with additional support if needed. However, if you are looking for a unique project or different projects to invest in that differ from one another, BoostX could be the best launchpad for you!

To learn more about Boostx, use the link below:

Website: https://www.boostx.finance 

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