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How Launchpads Like BoostX Keep The Crypto Market Thriving


When thinking about the crypto market, launchpads aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, they play a big role in the market, attracting investors as well as helping new projects come to life. As the crypto market has been through major highs and lows over the recent years, launchpads are a new way to keep the market thriving. One of the best launchpads to do this is BoostX

What Is A Launchpad?

A launchpad is a platform that promotes crypto projects that are in their presale stage. Helping them build a community and raise funds before launching to help their overall success rate, is the main purpose of a launchpad. At the same time, launchpads are also beneficial for investors as they can invest in upcoming projects for low token prices. 

The main benefit that most launchpads have is a vetting process. This means that launchpads place each project through a rigorous process, to ensure its quality and authenticity. Hence, users can choose projects knowing they have all been analysed and are safe to invest in. 

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How Launchpads Have Helped The Market 

Launchpads have played an important role in the crypto market by encouraging new projects to be created. BoostX is one of the best launchpads in the market, and its key feature is its dynamic dashboard. This allows project creators to customise their presale by having the choice of what type of pricing they want (eg, dynamic or static), adding bonuses for users, and more. This is encouraging for project creators and inspires more people to start their own project and become a contender in the market. 

At times like right now, when the market is suffering from a major crash, launchpads have been very helpful in keeping the market going. In recent weeks, more investors have turned to presale projects, as they are not directly impacted by the crash. Additionally, token prices are low hence investors are not risking a lot, whilst having a great opportunity to profit in the long run. 

How much have launchpads added to the Crypto market?

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to enter the market in 2009. At that time, things were very different in the crypto space. Although Bitcoin is currently the biggest dominator in the market, it had a difficult start. Taking years to reach the success it has achieved, there were no such things as launchpads to help promote new projects at that time. 

Many launchpads provide marketing for all the projects they support to help them succeed in the long term and not just in the presale phase. This is a unique feature and a great opportunity for startups as they are provided with a strong chance to build a strong community, and become big in the market. 

Times Have Changed

With over a decade of the crypto market existing, users have seen the market evolve significantly. Alongside BoostX, Binance Launchpad is another great launchpad that many investors use. As one of the first launchpads to enter the market, Binance Launchpad now has over 10 million users, providing new projects with a large audience of potential investors. 

If you’re looking to invest in a new project, using launchpads such as BoostX and Binance Launchpad could be to your ticket to success in the crypto world.


Website: https://www.boostx.finance 

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