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Great Success! Current Data has been Shared in Terra Classic (LUNC)! Here is the Critical Date!


While the Terra Classic (LUNC) community is taking important steps within the scope of the resurrection project, the current data gives a critical hint about the future of altcoin.

40 Million Luncs Burned in 24 Hours!

According to current data, cremations continue at a promising level in Terra Classic. In the last 24 hours, 40,440,467 luncs have been burned in 14 transactions. Moreover, a single wallet burned 25,827,385 tokens in a single burning process. All 14 transactions were recently shared by LUNC Pengiuns, an unofficial Terra-focused data tracking system developed by Happy Catty Crypto. All 40.4 million LUNC incinerators were carried out on Monday. In this process, 3 major transactions came to the fore. In one of the important incineration operations, 25.8 million luncs were burned. This operation was performed by the independent Terra verifier Allnodes.

Allnodes also officially announced the information on its Twitter account a minute after the burning process occurred. As reported last month, Allnodes had pledged to participate in a weekly cremation campaign to help the community with the resurrection process. However, the verifier noted that the weekly cremation operations will stop by the end of the year. The second remarkable cremation process was carried out by LUNC DAO. In this process, 4.9 million luncs were burned. LUNC DAO, an independent Terra verifier, announced that the transaction was carried out by the platform. This is the 37th platform. there was a cremation process.

Binance: Eyes on December 2nd!

The third important operation, in which 8.9M LUNCS were burned, also caused great repercussions. The cremation process was carried out by Terra Casino, which was recently launched. As previously reported, following its controversial launch, the Casino managed to burn 1 million LUNCS for the first time last Saturday. Independent LUNC development group TerraCVita had previously claimed that the platform could burn 24 billion LUNCS in 6 months. So far, Terra Casino has burned 10.8 million tokens.

After burning more than 40 million LUNCS yesterday, the total number of burned tokens reached 28.7 billion. Binance is at the top of the list of organizations with the most burning transactions, burning 13.7 billion LUNCS. Last month, Binance changed the burning timeline from weekly to monthly. As a result, the community is waiting for the next cremation on December 1, which will come with official updates on December 2. Experts underline that for the price of LUNC to increase, incineration operations should increase.

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