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Great Concern! The Legend of the DOGECOIN May Come to an End! The Price Forecast for December from 3 Analysts Has Arrived!


While Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to be the focus of investors, leading analysts have shared their forecasts for December.

Twitter Coin vs Dogecoin: The DOGE Community is Worried!

Dogecoin is celebrating its ninth anniversary. Since then, DOGE has achieved great success both in terms of use and price. DOGE, which has made surprise rallies thanks to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, continues to be the focus of investors. Forbes’ news reveals that Twitter is working on a new crypto currency called ‘Twitter Coin’. Experts believe that this could create tough competition for Dogecoin. The Dogecoin community is waiting for Elon Musk to accept DOGE for payments on Twitter. As DOGE celebrates its ninth anniversary as a meme coin, Forbes has reported new developments regarding Twitter’s own project. Software experts told Forbes that Musk’s team is working on a new game-changing feature. Amid speculation about which cryptocurrency will be chosen by the CEO of Twitter, the social media platform may be developing an altcoin called “Twitter Coin”.

The Twitter code indicates that the potential “Twitter Coin” is in development, which could compete with Bitcoin Dogecoin, the best candidates available for payments on the social media application. Code software expert Nima Owji claimed to her followers that Twitter is working on its own cryptocurrency project. Owji shared screenshots of a Twitter interface that Decodes “tokens” as an option for tipping creators on the platform. Elon Musk had declared himself the Dogefather. The DOGE community seems to be worried about the Twitter Coin. Musk promoted the idea of pay on Twitter. Musk told two million listeners in a Twitter space post that WeChat, China’s social platform, has many of the functionalities that Twitter should have. It is very likely that Twitter will accept crypto coins pay method.

DOGE Can Reach These Levels in December!

Experts at Changelly, one of the leading platforms, believe that the Dogecoin price has the potential to rise. Analysts have set a target of $0.109989 for the DOGE in December. Analysts at Crypto Instant, another important platform, believe that the price of Dogecoin will reach a maximum of $ 0.109989. DOGE is currently trading at $0.096078.

According to FTXStreet analysts, the technical outlook at DOGE looks good. Of October 4. after breaking the multi-year Decadal trend during the week, Dogecoin started an uptrend with support at $0.089930 and $0.070530 in succession. Experts say that the DOGE price will recover in December.

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