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Latest possible moment: FTX TR Clients’ Adjusts Have been Reset!


Crypto currency investors woke up to a nightmarish day with the stock market hacking incident that was noticed early today. Millions of dollars are still being transferred. Many altcoins are melting down with the worry of oversold sales. Has CZ’s analogy of the 2008 crisis found its place? He definitely found it. FTX Turkey made an important last minute announcement. Investors are worried.

Has FTX Been Hacked?

No, so far the allegations are that the global stock market has been emptied. However, FTX has just announced that they have lost access to the website and saved customer deposits. The problem is that FTX would register the deposits and make the refunds in bulk. For now, that prospect looks slimmed down.

FTX wrote in its announcement;

“We saved access to the site for reasons we didn’t have. We have saved the balance information of our users, the funds of our users in FTX are safe.”

It is not known by whom FTX global was hacked, but it seems that all the money of customers who have already been victims is being reset. Investors may no longer receive their money even at the end of a long and difficult process.

FTX Hacking

We saw that the FTX exchange was hacked at a very meaningful moment in time. This morning, investors woke up to a complete nightmare. So was this FTX CEO SBF’s last escape route? Only time is needed to find out. The real problem will be what the U.S. will do in the next period. The image of crypto currencies, which recovered under very difficult conditions, has been damaged again, and investor freedom may no longer care about the states.

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