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Finally! Terra Classic Has Fulfilled Its Promise: Fasten Your Seat Belts!


The Casino Application Has Come to Life: Huge Burn!

Terra Classic developer Rex Harriso announced last week that a new Casino platform will be launched on the Terra Classic network for the FIFA World Cup. The manager stated that the ultimate goal of the new application is to increase LUNC burns. The independent Terra Classic development group TerraCVita had confirmed that Rexzy’s statements were true. According to the announcement made today, the Casino application has officially come to life. Previously, in a tweet, the group had claimed that a Casino application that would gain popularity could burn 24 billion Terra Luna Classic in 6 months. This is the figure that almost the entire community has managed to burn in the last six months. The team announced in a statement “Hello TerraClassic community! The casino application has come to life! We are happy to announce that our doors are open.” he used his expression.

Since the Terra Casino app started, many people from the Terra Classic community have flocked to the platform to place bets on the outcome of their favorite matches. The team thanked for the love and support that the Terra Casino betting platform has seen and stated that 0.2% of the trading volume on this application will be burned. However, some users have expressed concerns about the Casino’s implementation and transparency. LUNC owners have revealed their concern that Terra Casino is a centralized betting site and therefore makes it difficult to track the LUNC burning. The team claimed that the Casino application has burned 398,791 luncs since its launch. Terra Casino covers leading platforms such as the English Premier League (EPL), the FIFA World Cup and the NBA.

New Projects… New Cremations!

The news of the Casino launch in the Terra Classic ecosystem came just after TERRACVITA confirmed that they are about to launch a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the network. In particular, there is already a lottery game on the network, created by Terra Rebels, another independent development group. The lottery game called Moonshot has already burned about 18.5 million luncs in two weeks. Assuming that he burns an average of 9 million luncs per week, he can burn 216 million LUNCS in 6 months. The game still attracts many new users.

Binance burned 5.5 billion LUNCS in the first week. While the exchange burned 2.9 billion luncs in the second week, it burned 2.5 billion tokens in the third week and 1.3 billion tokens in the fourth week. The LUNC community had to change the tax/incineration mechanism to 0.2% in order to increase the volume of transactions again. The rate of 1.2% negatively affected the trading volume. So far, while the LUNC volume continues to rise, the new app is working. In September, LunarCRUSH described LUNC as the cryptocurrency with the highest social and market activity.

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