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Elon Musk Shared the Presentation! Twitter 2.0 and Crypto Coins!


Everyone is excited waiting for the day when Elon Musk will integrate crypto coins into the platform, and Musk shared his presentation. After buying Twitter, we had seen that the DOGE price had increased rapidly due to his previous statements. And today, 2 hours ago, Musk shared some screenshots of his presentation on Twitter. The last part is quite important.

Twitter 2.0 and Crypto Coins

Elon Musk, who is a Dogecoin lover and describes himself as a DogeFather, made a very important share about 2 hours ago. When Musk shared frames from the Twitter 2.0 presentation, the future of Twitter, crypto investors focused only on the last slide page. Payouts, yes, we announced at the last minute that Twitter had previously submitted an application for a payment systems license. Musk’s post also confirmed this.

Elon Musk has officially announced that payments on Twitter will be coming soon by sharing the following. The interesting thing is that he didn’t give a hint about payments. Perhaps he has taken such a step so that the surprise he will announce in the coming days will cause more excitement in the community.

When Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter again, the team started developing a crypto wallet for Twitter. The news based on insider sources supports all these assumptions. Elon Musk may soon share the details of the pay system on Twitter, which also includes crypto coins.

Twitter 2.0

There are different details on the other pages of the presentation that are not of interest to crypto money investors. The first of these is related to the encryption of Twitter private messages, Signal will be working on this issue, and this development led to a double-digit increase in the company’s shares. The other details are these.

We will be able to make longer shares without letter restrictions.
Twitter Blue, Blue Tick will be restarted.
Ads will be made more entertaining and relevant.
There will be big innovations in video.
The presentation also draws attention to the fact that the number of active Twitter users has increased significantly and hate speech has decreased. New user registrations have reached an all-time high. Finally, it is stated that the time that users are active on the platform has also reached the ATH level.

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