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Crypto Projects That Attract Attention Despite the Bear Market


The state of uncertainty, fear and panic continues due to the bear market that has dominated the crypto markets for a long time. This troubled period, also called the ’crypto winter’, may be making crypto enthusiasts who have invested in various projects and are considering investing nervous.

Due to the 70 percent drop in the price of Bitcoin and the 90 percent decrease in the value of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana and Dogecoin, investors are constantly looking for an answer to the question of how long the bear market will last.

Before how long the bear market will continue, the issue will be looked at a little more broadly and first of all, the question of what is a bear market will be answered. Then, for people who want to invest, crypto projects and long-term coin investment opportunities that allegedly attract attention despite the bear market will be included.

What is a Bear Market?

The bear market, which has not been off the agenda for a long time, is rightly asked by readers who do not master the subject, “What is a bear market?” triggers the question. First of all, it is worth noting that the term bear market is a term that is often used for all financial markets, not just crypto. The bear market, which is the Turkish equivalent of the term “Bearish Market” in English, can also appear as a “bear trend” in some sources.

A bear market is defined as one of the investors’ fearful dreams, which is used to describe downward, pessimistic and distressed movements in the markets. It is believed that the downward movement in the markets is called a bear market because the bears swing their paws from top to bottom at the time of the attack. The upward movement, which is the opposite of this decline, is also called a bull market.

In the case of a bear market, an economic bottleneck, a period in which the volume of sales is higher than the volume of purchases, and a pessimistic environment are mentioned. However, every decrease in the value of a financial asset does not mean that that asset has entered a bear market. In order to be able to talk about a bear market, it is necessary to approach the issue from a broader angle and analyze long-term trends well.

In order for a bear market to start, there must be a decline of about 20 percent as the generally accepted rate in the markets. Since these sudden drops in the markets can be an indicator of a bear market, as well as indicate momentary fluctuations, the analysis of people who are experts in the subject becomes of great importance. In the case of a bear market, the main trend of a financial product is a downtrend, there is a decrease in demand for products and, consequently, a decrease in prices.

What Are the Reasons for the Bear Market?

Among the reasons for a bear market, events such as periods of economic Deceleration, epidemics, crises and wars between countries are usually cited. Deceleration of the bear market.

Those who ask why there is a bear market now can easily make a prediction when they take into account the events that the whole world has faced in the last few years.

The ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, which suddenly spread all over the world, large-scale problems such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent food and energy crisis are among the biggest causes of the current bear market. Dec.

Due to all these economic bottlenecks, the fact that many countries have reached the highest inflation rates recorded in recent years also makes it possible to have an idea of why the bear market is happening.

How Long Does a Bear Market Last?

According to the answers to the questions of what is a bear market and why is it experienced, another topic that is most curious about the subject will be looked at: How long will the bear market last?

The bear market concerns not only those who buy, sell or invest in stocks, but every individual who is part of the economic system. Because in the case of a bear market, this is seen as a recession warning and affects people from all segments of society with its effects on important issues such as employment.

Although it is not known for sure in general how long bear markets will last, some bear markets can last for several weeks and some for years. It may even be the case that a bear market, viewed cyclically, lasts for several years.

Since the bear market also affects the economic and political processes in the world, it seems unlikely that the answer to the question of how long the bear market will last can be given definitively.

The reasons such as the effects of the mentioned economic troubles on the market, the uncertainty of the trend duration, and the lack of change in financial expectations make it difficult to give a clear answer about how long the bear market will last.

How Does a Bear Market Affect Investors?

Although the current bear market is seen as a period dominated by pessimism and is associated with a loss in value, some companies and investors know how to use the bear market in their favor.

From the point of view of employment, most of the companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bull market and hire more than necessary are regretting some of these hires and going to layoffs with the bear market conditions of 2022, which is often on the agenda in the recent period. Experienced companies, who know that the bear market will definitely come to an end, use this period to make strategic moves in terms of employment and future planning.

Experienced investors who can analyze the sector well are using the current bear market conditions to invest in promising projects before the bull run.

So, which names are among the crypto projects that investors are allegedly showing interest in and attracting attention despite the bear market? Dec.

Crypto Projects That Can Be Invested in Long-Term Coins

In the world of crypto money, where a new project is sprouting almost every day, there are also projects that really make a difference and are considered to have a bright future. Crypto projects that are thought to be preferable despite the bear market, especially for making long-term coin investments, have been compiled for you.

Dash 2 Trade For Fully Equipped Crypto Analysis

As you can imagine, it is of great importance to be able to make the right analysis in today’s unusual market conditions. In order for investors to make the right analysis and decide which project to invest in, they need to resort to various tools using a number of different platforms.

According to the team’s claims, the answer to why the Dash 2 Trade (D2T) project, whose pre-sale event started on October 20 and has already raised funds exceeding $ 3 million, has attracted so many investors lies in the fully equipped dashboard planned to be put into service.

According to the team’s statements, the Dash 2 Trade dashboard is being developed with the aim of providing all kinds of information and analysis that an investor may need at a single address. There are many features on the panel, from tools that offer automatic trading to listing alerts, from the risk profiler to analysis that informs about activities on the chain, including whales.

The D2T token, which makes it possible to access the panel, is presented to the liking of early investors with a pre-sale event. The fact that the D2T token raised 550 thousand dollars in just 24 hours as soon as it went on pre-sale, according to the team, shows the need for such an analysis panel.

With the dashboard that will be released with the end of the pre-sale, the D2T token is being touted as one of the crypto projects that can be invested in despite the bear market.

Calvaria, the NFT Card Game that Wins as You Play

Calvaria, a Play-to-Win (P2E) NFT card game set in a posthumous universe and offering players the chance to earn money as they play, is attracting the attention of war game enthusiast investors with the RIA token pre-sale event, the native token of the project, according to the team’s claims.

According to the team, to take part in the project for investors from all at fairly reasonable prices is offered for sale and pre-sale price that is not much difference between the stages of a total of 1 billion RIA Toke pieces supply is equipped with pre-sale, only 30 percent of this supply is being presented to investors.

In the NFT card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, which claims to make players feel in a completely different universe with its surreal graphics, users use RIA tokens to purchase NFT cards to upgrade their fighting skills. Players who fight better and defeat more opponents earn RIA tokens, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, in exchange for these achievements.

The Calvaria project, which aims to be a decentralized (DAO) platform, imagines a system in which RIA token holders have a say and shape the future of the project.

According to the roadmap of the project, scheduled to be commissioned with the RIA team’s token staking passive income, which will offer you the possibility to claims by investors in the crypto bear market you want to invest long-term conditions is seen as a good opportunity.

Project Seeking a Solution to the Climate Crisis – IMPT

Although the concept of sustainability seems to be on the agenda of many brands, very few projects are being developed that will really affect the climate crisis. Nowadays, when the crypto money industry is used almost synonymous with large amounts of energy consumption, crypto projects that act by thinking about the planet receive great applause from both crypto and environmentally conscious investors.

According to the team, the fact that the ongoing pre-sale event of the IMPT token, which is claimed to be the most environmentally friendly coin on the market, has attracted so much attention does not surprise experienced investors. Which aims to manage carbon credits through a balancing mechanism and in which consumers from all walks of life can be a part to reduce their own carbon footprint IMPT.io the project team is working to be part of the solution, not the problem.

99 percent of the electricity consumption reduces running on my network token ethereu impt, planet-friendly technologies in the conditions of our world that is at the forefront of the team’s claims that despite the bear market, the long-term is seen as a good alternative for those who invest coin.

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