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The crypto world has seen many developments and improvements throughout the years achieving greater traction day by day. But where does the world’s market stand today and does inflation impact the crypto crash? The U.S Federal Reserve has hiked the benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points which marks the biggest increase since 1994. Chairman Jerome Powell said: “We want to see progress. Inflation can’t go down until it flattens out,” Powell said. “If we don’t see progress … that could cause us to react. Soon enough, we will be seeing some progress.” 

Powell explained that they are still expecting a “soft landing” to cushion the impact of inflation without causing yet another recession. Many factors play a vital role in causing inflation, not least of which include the war between Russia and Ukraine and skyrocketing oil prices. The Federal reserve organisation clarified that a “successful outcome” can still occur despite unemployment rates continuing to rise. 

Although inflation is unavoidable, lower inflation is necessary to maintain a healthy labour force and a strong demographic market. The crypto market hasn’t survived entirely unscathed from the effects of inflation but here are two coins you should consider that have both already catapulted and are about to.  

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Why Investing On CashFi (CFI) Is The Way Forward

CashFi (CFI) is an exciting upcoming coin aiming to provide investors with access and autonomy to various cryptocurrency asset categories and classes. With 60 million $CFI Tokens to be offered for sale, whispers suggest the token is expected to surge during its launch on September 26, 2022. 

The CashFi ecosystem will be designed to provide top-tier liquid staking, NFT, and Synthetic Asset Services. By providing 1:1 pegged ERC-20 liquid staking representation tokens on Ethereum (ETH), CFI Stake would enable users to protect Proof-of-Stake platforms.

CFI NFTs will be integrated into the CashFi ecosystem’s infrastructure for enabling cross-chain NFT marketplaces, allowing digital artists and individuals to mint NFTs for a cheap cost while facilitating their NFT auctions via CashFi.

The platform will allow future investors to unlock liquidity for a higher yield by staking its native token CFI

Where Is Tezos (XTZ) At Since 2018?

Tezos (XTZ) is a self-upgradable, open-source, and energy-efficient platform. It is one of the original Proof-of-Stake with layer one blockchain technologies that provide a record of security and scalability. It is known to adopt innovations without disruptions. 

Since its launch in 2018, the platform has logged millions of transactions, courted millions of projects, and has attracted a vibrant community. 

Investors have the opportunity to explore DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more on the decentralised applications the platform runs on Tezos. 

It consumes over two million times less energy than Proof of Work networks operating in an energy-efficient manner giving legitimacy to its claim as a sustainable blockchain

Its on-chain governance allows for continuous improvements to be proposed by participants themselves on the network, adopted, and deployed without the need to rely on hard forks for governance. 

Well-known companies such as RedBull Racing, McLaren Racing, OneOf, and others are currently building infrastructure on Tezos. Prestigious endorsements like this make it likely this coin can look forward to rapid adoption and growth despite the volatile market.

Before investing make sure the coins fit with your particular requirements and portfolio. Presale coins such as CashFi (CFI) are solidified networks that have huge potential to skyrocket.

Presale: https://enter.cashfi.finance/register 

Website: https://cashfi.finance/

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