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Collectixt (CLEX) & Solana (SOL): 2 Popular Platforms With Strong Ties To Non-Fungible Tokens 


NFT collections are unique digital assets in the form of music, artwork, video games, etc. Although many platforms support these assets, only a few provide opportunities for users to express themselves creatively. One such platform is Collectixt

CLEX allows users to create, hold, and trade NFTs. Also, the ecosystem fosters creative and original ideas among its users. Through the CLEX native token – CLEX, participants can transfer NFTs quickly and inexpensively. 

Services Collectixt Ecosystem Offers 

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Collectixt plans to promote staking opportunities. Users can stake NFT by holding them in their wallets. Therefore, they receive rewards based on the total amount of NFT stakes. Collectixt allows the creation of NFT liquidity through stakes. 

For investors, Collectixt ensures that there is a smooth and beneficial NFT investment plan. Therefore, transactions will be transparent and secure without worries. Measures are in place to allow the exchange of digital assets on CLEX is well-coordinated. The ecosystem is user-friendly with services like an online survey form that will familiarize users with the platform. 

Participants like game players receive profit on CLEX. Players can improve their gaming experience by posting assets of their choice based on the features available. 

The platform governance functions as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Since it is community-driven, users are to vote directly for the improvement effect they want in the system. 

Another Collectixt ecosystem service is the Collectixt online payment system called Collectixt pay. It allows the easy exchange of CLEX, which can be used to buy NFTs and make different transaction options. 

Some advantage of becoming part of the Collectixt ecosystem is the ability to gain ownership right to the collections, cheap fee for transferring and Minting NFT, and full support of artists and buyers of the project through fundraising programs. There are multiple profitable NFT marketplace options on the Collectixt platform, which include; 

  • Marketplace for Virtual Real Estate – it consists of virtual property assets which can be easily minted into NFTs.
  • Marketplace for Gaming platform – It involves creating gaming assets as NFTs.
  • Marketplace for Art/Photography – Both physical and digital art collections are tokenized into NFT.
  • Marketplace for interior design – includes a virtual interior design from architects. 

Collectixt Versus Solana Versus Gate Token


Solana is a layer-1 blockchain that allows for the creation, holding, minting, and trading of Non-Fungible Tokens. Research shows that it is the most popular cryptocurrency that supports NFTs in the coin market. The transaction on the platform is fast, and a low fee is requested during the process. 

Solana is an ERC-20 token that adopts the Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-History algorithms. The Proof-of-Stake mechanism increases rewards when users stake digital assets like NFT. 

By staking, the participant becomes a validator, earning SOL in return. On the other hand, the Proof-of-History mechanism provides the process of a well-coordinated transaction. Some NFT collectibles on the Solana platform are songs, poems, paintings, and illustrations. 

Gate Token 

The Gate token is a crypto exchange token used for the transaction payment fee. It is the native currency of Gate Chain. Also, the platform supports staking features that involve the holding and staking of GT within a time frame of choice. Reward volume depends on the duration and amount of the staked asset. 

Like other blockchains, it is an NFT marketplace that offers a Play-to-Earn game model. Holders of the Gate Token benefit from the NFT magic box by paying low fees for transactions and minting NFT. Apart from the unique features, it allows the easy swapping of Gate Tokens without restrictions. 

Collectixt’s goal is to provide a unique NFT marketplace for digital assets from artists, designers, and collectors. Also, to create a medium for genuine buyers and sellers of Non-Fungible Tokens in the community. Leveraging both Ethereum and Polygon networks, Collectixt will likely be the largest NFT blockchain network. 


The CLEX token can be traded for profit, and users can enjoy commission from transactions. As a trader, if you purchase CLEX during stage 1 of the presale, you will receive an 8% bonus and a 20% bonus when you buy Collectixt tokens using Ethereum coin.

For More Info About CLEX

Website: http://collectixt.com/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/CollectixtTokenOfficial 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CollectixtToken

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