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An Introduction to Blockchain Gaming (GameFi): Felixphere


Experts predict that blockchain gaming will be the first real use for blockchain technology, transforming the industry and enhancing gaming experiences. Felixphere news..

Blockchain technology has been incorporated into game systems, enabling players to gather and exchange digital assets that provide value to players as well as a stable source of income for game producers. In the first quarter of 2022, blockchain gaming investments and usage increased and accounted for 52% of all blockchain activity.

That being said, blockchain gaming is discussed in this article and one of the latest additions to the GameFi sector is the Felixphere (FELIX) and its features are also explained. 

Felixphere (FELIX) 

The Felixphere network is designed to offer its users a variety of benefits. We offer our users the ability to bet for a chance to win big or perhaps “hit a pot of gold” through play-to-earn games and a daily lottery. Our platform is built to enable users on our platform to also have the opportunity to increase their income by bringing other people to the platform.

Below are some of the novel features and benefits this new cryptocurrency platform offers to its users:

The Felixphere Reward System 

Felixphere additionally adds a 10 per cent bonus to the total amount at the start of every game once the participants have contributed their share of the prize pool. In other words, the higher the tokens deposited by the players, the more the amount Felixphere contributes to the total prize pool. The winner receives 90% of the total prize pool after the game. The remaining 10 per cent is given to wallet owners as cashback, acts as a source of liquidity, and is contributed to prize pools for upcoming games.

Another intriguing feature of the FELIX gaming network is the weekly leaderboards that will eventually develop into a monthly competition. You will have a position on the leaderboard based on how many games you have won. All users will however appear on the leaderboard regardless of their score. Users must continue their daily winning streak and play and win more games than those in front of them if they want to move up the leaderboard. Each week’s top five players will get prizes, and after each month, a winner and two runners-up will be announced. All rewards will be given out in FELIX tokens. 

The Felixphere Referral System 

Our designers at Felixphere are developing a lot of benefits and they want to spread the many advantages of our ecosystem. To spread the word about the many advantages of our ecosystem, Felixphere wishes to seek the assistance of our users because we want as many people as possible to enjoy these benefits.

For a chance to win fantastic rewards, FELIX cordially welcomes everyone to sign up for our two-layer referral program. You must create a special referral ID code to take part in the referral program. This code can be accessed after you complete three games on the Felixphere ecosystem.

When someone joins the ecosystem using your special recommendation ID, they are registered under you. A percentage of the 10% fee on their profits equal to 2% of each game they play and win is credited to your wallet. Now, when someone you referred establishes a referral ID, your wallet is connected to it because our referral structure is two layers deep. You are eligible to receive 0.5 per cent of the 10% charge on the person they suggest who uses their referral ID for each individual who does so.

The Tokenomics Of Felixphere 

A BEP20 coin called FELIX based on BNB Smart Chain is the native utility token of the Felixphere ecosystem. All platform transactions will be carried out using the token, which fuels the ecosystem. For the time being, it can be utilized to play games, and purchase lottery tickets, and air drops to wallets will be available to token holders.

As we proceed, the token will provide users with information about their rights to vote on proposals made by the DAO FELIX (decentralized autonomous organization). Additionally, it will have full DFI. features including staking, lending, borrowing, pooling, and trading, among others. In the presale phase, a set number of tokens—500,000,000,000—will be made accessible to investors who intend to purchase the token. 

Felixphere (FELIX)

Presale: http://luck.felixphere.io/ 

Website: http://felixphere.io/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/FelixphereOfficial 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/felixphere 

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