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Best Solana NFT Games

Solana Blockchain

In the world of NFT gaming, you can use distinctive cryptocurrencies to get began, earn currencies and buy or promote NFTs. Many of the top NFT games use, Solana, or SOL, that is the cryptocurrency that runs on the decentralized blockchain with the aid of the equal call.

Solana’s blockchain generation also can be used to create, house, trade, buy and sell non-fungible tokens within the metaverse or in NFT gaming.

Many play-to-earn, participant vs. Participant and different NFT video games run on the Ethereum blockchain. But Solana also has a growing collection of NFT games to be had. Some Solana games use SOL as their crypto of preference, while others have proprietary tokens.

As the quickest cryptocurrency available on the market, with decrease charges than a few other cryptos, Solana lends itself well to NFT gaming. And, given that experts expect that SOL ought to attain fees as excessive as $a hundred and five in 2022, gambling NFT video games to earn SOL won’t be a horrific concept in case you’re looking to earn more money through NFT gaming.

If a game at the Solana blockchain doesn’t use SOL, even though, that doesn’t imply it’s a awful investment of it slow or money. Many of the excellent Solana games are unfastened to get started and alternate within the forex of that unique sport.

8 Best Solana NFT Games

What are the best Solana games available in terms of profitability and, of path, fun?

  • DeFi Land
  • Star Atlas
  • Genopets
  • SolChicks
  • Space Falcon
  • Cryowar
  • Zoolana
  • Void

DeFi Land

Widely reviewed and cited on many lists of the excellent Solana NFT games, DeFi Land is similar in vein to the popular Facebook agriculture recreation, Farmville. If you spent hours of your life several years in the past dressing up your sheep or buying and selling eggs on Farmville, DeFi Land may be a exquisite game for you.

DeFi Land, if you haven’t guessed, is an agriculture simulation sport. You purchase in-recreation seeds, plant them and, as your plants grow, you can earn money. If things pass incorrect, as they now and again will for any farmer, you furthermore mght stand to lose cash. Your fulfillment will come from choosing the proper coins, or seeds, to plant, with a bit bit of luck thrown in.

You can also fish, hunt and play different games to earn greater cash, and you could gather pets within the form of NFTs. DeFi Land uses its own crypto, DFL. In its beta section, the sport lately brought the $GOLDY token, generally for gaming rewards and transactions, consistent with an editorial on Medium.Com.


  • Free academic tutorial video games
  • Easy, amusing interface
  • Earn NFTs and coin passively as your vegetation develop
  • Robust and supportive Twitter and Discord groups
  • DFL has an average / mild risk score from investors


Can lose money

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a strategy recreation built at the Solana blockchain. To start the game, you’ll buy cash for your virtual pockets, be a part of a faction after which start building a ship.

If you like multiplayer gaming, working with a crew and space exploration, this may be the sport for you. However, one reviewer at Coindesk talked about that this is greater a sport of staking, or buying and managing NFTs, than of gambling to earn coin.


  • Team sport
  • Plenty of room for growth in the mini-games available
  • Active Discord and Twitter groups


  • Requires SOL to begin gambling
  • Reported problems of problems resupplying ships


Genopets takes the high-quality traits of CryptoKitties and Pokémon Go to create an change truth sport where gamers are rewarded for transferring their our bodies, which is tracked through a health wearable or your telephone.

The sport consists of factors of crafting and amassing animals, however your puppy grows and evolves primarily based for your physical interest.


  • Free to play
  • Encourages health and movement
  • Pay-to-play alternatives assist you to increase quicker


  • Requires crypto wallet to get commenced
  • Requires physical activity or spending money to enhance


The relatively rated SolChicks has made many lists of the great NFT video games for Solana and is hailed with the aid of the creator as “the fine play to earn crypto delusion recreation” at the Solana blockchain. Are the claims true?

In SolChicks, gamers struggle their chickens to earn CHICK tokens. You can get commenced gambling with a small funding in SOL. During the sport, you’ll want to care for your bird, bond with it and, of path, use it to conflict other chickens to increase. You also can breed the SolChicks to create particular, probably precious, NFTs.


  • Multiple methods to earn cash in the game
  • Adorable, fighting chickens


  • Must play actively to maintain earning
  • Requires prematurely SOL investment

Space Falcon

Space Falcon is a “internet-chain blockchain gaming metaverse” that mixes the playability of conventional area shooter games with the collectability and profitability of NFTs at the Solana blockchain. The game raised $four million in first-spherical funding, consistent with GlobeNewsWire.

You can pass unfashionable in the 1980s gameplay placing or discover the future of space in 2080. You can very own galaxies and then accumulate tax from different players when they visit your galaxy.


  • Easily on hand on any internet browser
  • Multiple methods to earn crypto and NFTs
  • Neutral galaxy allows you to discover in a virtual reality setting
  • Supported by way of more than one digital wallets


  • Must play frequently to earn income


Cryowar is a loose-to-play, real-time, multiplayer struggle recreation based on talent in place of how a good deal cash you spend money on the game. With mobile snap shots close to PC-gaming fine, the sport is an immersive visual enjoy that checks your skill. It’s brief and clean to play to your net browser or cell device.

In the sport, you will combat in one-on-one and multiplayer competitions which include Last Man Standing, Death Match, Top Score in 5 Minutes and the Battle Arena. Battles can remaining 3 mins or less, which means you could make NFT gaming a part of your busy existence.


  • Quick, clean game play
  • Excellent pictures
  • Free to play


  • Not a passive-incomes sport
  • Intense movement requires gaming ability


Zoolana is a play-to-earn cellular approach game that takes area inside the yr 2300. With a robust tale, strong pictures and a growing community, Zoolana guarantees to be a pinnacle recreation upon its release.

You can stake a claim in the game via shopping an Alpha Edition NFT, if you want to provide gamers get right of entry to to an airdrop of tokens, the possibility to be a beta tester for the sport and sneak peeks to game improvement.


  • Growing Discord community
  • Immersive storytelling
  • Stellar pics


  • Still in development / beta model


Trade NFTs in a destiny universe, fight in player vs. Player battles and earn NFTs and crypto in the 0.33 man or woman on-line shooter game Void. The more you enhance your individual with skills and gadgets, the greater effective they will be.

The game is unique because the play-to-earn and staking elements engage seamlessly. You can alternate $VOIDCOIN on many crypto exchanges.


  • Can change NFTs on a number of crypto exchanges
  • Active Discord and Twitter groups
  • Multiplayer
  • Intense action


  • Not free to begin play
  • Still in beta model
  • What To Look For

Void is ready to release the overall version at the Solana blockchain in 2023, consistent with CryptoTotem.Com.

Final Take

When you choose a Solana NFT sport, you’ll want to see if the sport’s forex of preference is supported via the crypto trade you opt for. Check and notice if experts agree with the sport is a good investment.

But, most importantly, pick a recreation that you’ll recognize you’ll have hours of leisure gambling, because there’s a higher chance you will do higher — and earn greater — in case you are gambling a game you enjoy.

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