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Attention! Forbes Releases Frightening Bitcoin Survey: Get Ready for These Levels!


While Bitcoin (BTC) is struggling to stay afloat, the results of a survey conducted by a leading investment company have caused concern.

Fund Managers, What Have They Said?

According to a survey conducted by investment firm BDC Consulting among crypto fund managers, the FTX crisis will Decimate Bitcoin to $ 11,000. Only one participant thinks that Bitcoin will rise above $ 17,000 in the near term, while three participants think that the value of BTC will fall to $ 0. 21% of investors said that the price will fall to $ 12,000. According to respondents to the BDC survey, the closure of the FTX exchange is not a death blow for Bitcoin. According to the survey, more than half of the fund managers said that they plan to increase their crypto assets in the coming months. None of the respondents made sales.
FTX was a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that was described as one of the building Blocks of the industry. The exchange has become the most reliable and popular platform in the USA in a short time. He sponsored the Miami Heat stadium in Florida, Larry David became the advertising face of the stock market in TV commercials broadcast at NFL games. Former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried became the second largest donor to the Democrats in the last midterm elections. Dec.

A Crisis Equivalent to the Bankruptcy of Nasdaq!

The company filed for bankruptcy on November 11 after losing billions of dollars. The well-connected founder Sam Bankman-Fried was once heralded by CNBC’s star host Jim Cramer as the JP Morgan of his generation. Forbes had listed Sam’s net worth as $17.2 billion as of September 27. The company currently owes billions of dollars to investors. Gary Wang, FTX co-founder and chief technology officer; Nishad Singh, FTX engineering director; and Caroline Ellison, who ran FTX’s trading arm Alameda Research, was fired after Bankman-Fried resigned. The sinking of the FTX caused a great panic among individual and institutional investors. Dec. A record number of Bitcoins have been moved from exchanges.

Some experts note that the FTX crisis may be the turning point. Simply put, the collapse of the FTX is a crisis equivalent to the bankruptcy of the Nasdaq. So in the long run, the effects will last. A Russian-based crypto currency company BestChange.com nikita Zuborev, chief analyst of , stressed that the FTX crisis has led to a problem of investor confidence. According to the expert, now none of the experienced crypto investors keep their tokens on exchanges for a long time. Investors withdraw their BTC and transfer it to an unattended wallet. This guarantees protection against any sanctions against your assets and stock market bankruptcies.

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