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Add Rocketize (JATO), Bitcoin (BTC), and FTX (FTT) to your portfolio for millionaire gains


Many investors have made millions from cryptocurrency assets and if you enter at the right price, a lot of earnings can be accrued in the long-term. Rocketize news..

Cryptocurrency for beginners guides usually outline the attributes you must evaluate in order to identify tokens with a bright future. Some of the features that you must evaluate include utility, the team behind the project, road map, and the ability to earn passive incomes. We have researched the market and selected three coins that could potentially moon in the future. The three coins are: Rocketize (JATO), Bitcoin (BTC), and FTX (FTT).

Rocketize is a DeFi meme token that will help retail clients

Rocketize is a newly launched cryptocurrency network powered by the JATO Token. The JATO token can be purchased on presale. If you are interested in purchasing this coin, try to accumulate huge volumes during the presale period as it provides additional bonuses and other attractive offers. 

The JATO Token will be used inside the ecosystem currently being built by the Rocketize community. It is a decentralized project meaning the holders of JATO Token will be able to get a say in deciding the future of the project. Every transaction will be charged a 2% tax, half of which will be redistributed to the holders of the JATO Token

The community behind Rocketize will be known as “Atomic Nation”. While the JATO Token will take advantage of meme communities to build hype around the coin, it will also seek to establish partnerships and install strong utilities for its ecosystem. 

Rocketize site will be used to produce memes, graphics, animation, videos, podcasts, creative and educational content, as well as special events, raids, and open forums such as voice chats, AMAs, and Twitter spaces. The platform will also provide support for NFTs and will build a marketplace model in the future. 

The Rocketize Token is built upon a deflationary system and over time, the supply will be reduced by installing a burn mechanism. This in turn will help the long-term price prospects of the JATO Token

A bonus component is applicable during the presale period. If a user selects Ethereum (ETH) as the purchase method, then a bonus of 8% will be provided. For utilizing BNB Tokens, a bonus of 12% will be credited into the user’s account. An additional bonus of 60% will be provided if a user registers and completes the purchase within sixty minutes. 

Bitcoin whales consolidate and increase their holdings

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency that is largely responsible for starting the new economy movement centered around digital assets. The network is powered by BTC Token which can be mined through the Proof of Work consensus mechanism. Bitcoin whales have started accumulating huge volumes in anticipation of a potential price rally in the future. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is widely used by many businesses across the world to process payments quickly.  

FTX buys and burns 129,600 tokens

The FTT Token powers the FTX cryptocurrency exchange and provides many discounts and staking benefits for its users. Holders of the FTT Token are entitled to trading discounts and get special rates if they stake the tokens with the platform. The FTX exchange recently bought and burnt 129,600 Tokens. It is a tried and tested strategy to help the long-term price action and the FTT Token might witness a rally in the future. The FTT Token can also be added along with JATO and BTC for booking potentially huge profits in the future. 

Always diversify assets and do not purchase a single cryptocurrency. A long-term strategy works best for cryptocurrency assets as they tend to be volatile during the short term. The three coins described above have great utilities and could be added as part of a high-growth portfolio that could potentially deliver huge gains in the medium to long-term. 

Rocketize Token (JATO)

Presale: http://rocket.rocketize.io/ 

Website: http://rocketize.io/ 

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