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A Gamechanger For Ethereum? – What Is Arbitrum?


Ethereum “killers” like Solana or Cosmos are taking pictures increasingly more DeFi users. Understandable, right? Or do you want to pay over exaggeratedly $100 for a transaction on Ethereum? I don’t assume so.

But there is wish:

Layer 2 answer Arbitrum considerably lowers transaction fees and strategies your switch at the speed of mild — or nearly. So with Fatpigsignals, I will show you what Arbitrum is, what precise blessings it has for you, the way it works step-by-step (I’ll walk you thru it), and the problems and dangers.

I like to examine Layer 2 solutions like Optimism or Arbitrum to the cable vehicle within the Bolivian metropolis of La Paz. Why?

A Gamechanger For Ethereum? - What Is Arbitrum? 2

This cable automobile is a plunger for congested roads. Instead of being caught in traffic jams all the time, people commute above the roofs of houses.

Ethereum Layer 2 solutions work the equal manner:

Over Ethereum, the principle avenue, they span a “cable automobile” that takes traffic — decreasing congestion (reducing transaction costs) and letting you transfer money faster and cheaper.

This is precisely how Arbitrum does it:

Using the Arbitrum bridge, you get on the cable automobile with your ERC-20 tokens and break out congestion, and of course, you could get off at any time and go back to the Ethereum mainnet.

Optimistic rollups make it feasible.

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