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11 Tips from the Crypto Oracle to Investors! Secrets of Winning!


He has predicted almost all the major movements of crypto currencies since May, and this is impressive. However, this does not indicate that the oracle the same name last year expected Bitcoin to see a 5-digit price by the middle of 2022. Returning to our topic, this successful analyst revealed many secrets to crypto investors. He gave them important advice. His success shows that listening to him can add something to us.

Crypto Money Expert Advice

For months, he has convinced most investors of his views. In the coming weeks, if Bitcoin does not make a big surprise and climb to $ 20,000 and goes down to the level of 13,500, people will find it and take it on their shoulders. So what does the popular analyst Capo do better than others? What is their advice to investors? We have compiled advice and secrets for you. Here is the crypto oracle’s advice to investors.

The biggest problem when trading/investing is impatience. This leads to a lot of dissatisfaction. Today, society pursues only momentary pleasures, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve long-term goals. The key is to know what is in your control and what is not. This is called the Control Dilemma in philosophy.
You can’t control the market or when an event will happen, but you can try to be on its side, the side with the highest probability.
Another important concept is to learn to enjoy not only the result, but also the journey. Your satisfaction and happiness should come from how you behave, the analysis you make and how you feel. They are under your control. Not the rest.
If you sleep poorly at night when you have an open position, it’s because the size of that position is more than you can afford to lose. Make it smaller.
Always set alerts. Alerts/Alarms are a life-changing tool. Sometimes we waste our time looking at the charts while the price is completely horizontal. Do not check the price unless you are working or alerts are triggered.
Ignore the noise. Focus on what you are doing and ignore the rest. It’s not easy and I still need to work on it more. A lot of what you read in the news and on Twitter is pure noise. These noises can affect your analysis. (However, news tracking is also extremely important for investors, so we can monitor pure news developments away from commentary, Twitter is useful, news allows you to be vigilant in critical developments)
Keep your focus. It’s easy to get distracted by too many stimuli. Thousands of open charts, open Twitter on another screen, Discord on another. Productivity is greatly reduced when we try to take care of two things at the same time.
Use fewer screens and always enlarge the window so that you don’t see anything else.
Listen to relaxing music without lyrics.
Eat healthy and exercise every day. Pay attention to the quality of your sleep. This will not only increase your focus, but also your productivity.
But the most important thing: your happiness does not depend on anything external. The ultimate goal should be motivation, but it’s good to enjoy the journey and be happy that you have achieved small goals.

The Analyst Who Knows Everything

No, if an analyst knew everything in any field, he would probably be living the next day of his 365-day vacation instead of giving you investment advice. There may be only predictions of the phenomena, popular analysts and others about the next movement in the market. Even today, go on crypto Twitter and make an observation. One group says that the Bitcoin price will fall to the December 12,000-13,000 dollar range, while others claim that this is the bottom. And what will happen? There are two possibilities for Bitcoin coin or coin. The price will eventually go to a point where one of the two says. But will those who correctly guessed the coin or the round have seen the future? Both groups make predictions according to their own technical analysis results, within the scope of their comments on on-chain indicators. So both groups have tangible foundations.

You have two options. Either you will be a long-term investor and you will buy the projects you see coming at reasonable prices according to your risk profile and wait. Or you will become proficient at the point of fundamental/technical analysis in order to be able to make your short-term trading decisions on your own. Because only “you” are responsible for your gains and losses. News, analysts and others give you different windows that you can just look at. However, not every window sometimes shows the truth, cryptocurrencies have a very hazy atmosphere. Until you find the window that shows the clearest, correct result, you can lose all your money. In that case what to do? You should get to know this market enough to study different opinions and compare it with others. At least, as I mentioned above, in order not to Decamp to the well with anyone’s rope, you can make a long-term investment in the amount that will not upset you when you lose one of the most trusted among the 100 largest crypto currencies in your project. Large investors who want to minimize the risk of an important note keep mainly BTC and ETH in their portfolios. Especially BTC suffers less losses compared to altcoins in large declines. This also means that you can capture the buying opportunities in altcoins with a small dollar-based loss without missing the rise. In case of big drops, altcoins based on BTC also melt. BTC-based trading instead of dollars (this is very popular in 2017-2018, then interest in dollars exploded) can bring you very serious gains during the bear seasons.

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